Film & TV - Stage Audition Workshop is a 3 day intensive program for students aged 10 -14 years


At The Performers Studio we are passionate about providing opportunities for students of all levels of performance in an environment that nurtures the individual skills of each and every young performer enrolled.


Day 1- Kris Keevers: Film & Tv Masterclass

This Masterclass is designed to give participants a well-rounded understanding of the Film & TV Audition process. Students will be introduced to key industry concepts, including agents, casting directors & productions, all explained through an easy-to-understand and age appropriate lesson. They will then have the opportunity to learn about and practice different formats of audition, including chat-to-camera, Commercial and Film & TV.

This workshop is specifically designed to suit students of all levels, from absolute beginners to experienced Film & TV Actors. Performance feedback is individual, ensuring that every single participant will receive training appropriate to the level of their own work.

Day 2 - Veronica Neave: Characterisation Masterclass

This masterclass will take you all on theatrical journey towards creating multiple and diverse characters almost instantaneously. With tangible techniques taught you will leave the workshop feeling well equipped to whip up a character for any occasion. You will learn characterization through:

Animal Gymnastics, The Seven Physical States (by Jacques Le Coq)

and by a series of fun and inventive movement tasks that will show you where characters are hidden in your body. 

So strap yourselves in! 

Bex Grennan: The Biz

Knowing about the industry you're thinking about spending time in and learning about Agents, Casting directors and sourcing work is needed to help you make empowered choices for yourself.  Bex Grennan helps you simplify and navigate the world of the Entertainment Industry.

Day 3 - Matt Ward: The Art of Storytelling Through Song.

International Vocal Coach & NIDA graduate Matt Ward shows you how to stand out in your next vocal performance and audition. Learn the skills that turn you from a good singer to a GREAT singer!

Bex Grennan: Audition Masterclass

Learn the tried and tested techniques to help you gain more confidence when auditioning for your next opportunity. Taken from the pages of So Your Kid Wants To Be A Star, the X Factor judge endorsed guidebook for performers and parents, Bex Grennan teaches you: 


·      How to get in the performing ‘zone’

·      Tested techniques on how to do your best in the audition room

·      The 3 tools needed to obtain an audition opportunity

For more information please contact us at theperformerstudio@outlook.com or call 55920181.


COURSE TEACHER: Kris Keevers, Veronica Neave, Bex Grennan & Matt Ward

Cost: $300 - 3 days 10am - 3pm

The Backlot Theatre

4/88-90 Bundall Rd, Bundall