How do we audition?


Contact us for an audition pack via email:

tpsauditions@outlook.com or call 0408728551


Where is The Performers Studio located?


The Studio is located within the Gold Coast Cultural Precinct, Never Ever Studio 3/5 Karen Ave Mermaid Beach


Is the course the same each year?


No. The course we offer is for emerging artists to have the opportunity to grow in their abilities from year to year. We differentiate our curriculum to ensure that each of our students have the opportunity to focus on their area of expertise while at the same time developing their skills to be holistic performers across the core areas of performance - acting. singing. dance. We aim to make our students industry ready to audition for both tertiary study and professional performance.


What level of commitment do we expect?


For a student to gain the most out of our program we are expecting them to show discipline, commitment and be prepared to work hard and intensively with a passionate group of fellow artists. We understand our talented students will have other performance commitments and we aim to accommodate those while asking in return all our students communicate their commitments to us well in advance.


Is there a dress code?


Yes.  Students are required to wear black to weekly classes, however, there will be The Performers Studio attire available for purchase.  When students are representing The Performers Studio in the community they will be required to wear The Performers Studio attire.  


Can parents observe classes?


Classes are closed during the term, however, parents are invited to observe showcases at the end of each term.


Are there private tuition opportunities for The Performers Studio students? 


Yes. For more information please contact our office. 


What is the cost to attend TPS?

Pre Professional Program:

Our classes are capped at 10 students maximum and are only $24 per hour for qualified, current industry professionals each and every week. Each week is a 3 hour program.

 ($595 for an eight-week term.) 

Do you offer payment plans?


Yes. Payment plans are available. Please contact our office.