The Performers Studio Teeny Screen Program

is aimed at young artists

aged between 7-12 years

 looking to build their skills as Film & Television Actors.


Jam packed full of fun activities, exercises & script workshops, the program is designed to introduce young performers to the exciting world of acting for the screen.


With all of the wonderful big movies shooting in Queensland, now is the perfect time to get on board and start developing the skills needed to get on set!


Performers of any level are suitable for this course, regardless of experience or training, as each student receives individual feedback based on their own unique performance. 


The 8 week program has 5 mains focuses:


Film & TV Acting - How it’s different from Theatre, and how do we do a good job on set!


Characters - Perform as other characters, and most importantly, performing as yourself!


Voice - Learning to pay attention to how we use our voice, and how we can change it to suit the character.


Emotion - Understanding that it’s better to ‘feel’ the emotion instead of ‘showing’ it.

Scripts & Auditions - Practicing the process of learning a script and preparing for an Audition!


This course is an excellent opportunity for kids to build confidence, self-belief and most of all,  awesome Screen Acting skills! The course ends with an informative Q&A where parents are free to ask  any questions about the Industry & how to get involved.