The Performers Studio


You will be allocated an individual time via email for your first round of auditions (Acting/Singing) and on the same day you will be required for a second round (group dance - warm-up and combination). We will be assessing current ability and potential.


Round One: Please prepare an age appropriate monologue from a contemporary play. (2 minutes maximum) 


Please prepare two contrasting songs (one musical theatre and one pop).


Please bring either sheet music or backing track on a USB for each song in the correct key (an accompanist will be provided).


Please provide the audition panel with a copy of your CV and headshot at the beginning of your individual audition.


All pieces presented in your individual audition must be memorised.


Round Two: All auditionees must wear dance attire or close-fitting clothing that allows for ease of movement. Please bring all dance shoes.


Dancers with prior training may be asked to demonstrate additional skills towards the end of the dance component.